The Missing Spire

The Missing Spire

Left Foot Charley: Crafting Excellence from Northern Michigan's Vineyards
In 2021, the grapes had the perfect opportunity to ripen, infusing our Missing Spire wine with the beloved dried tropical tones that have become its hallmark. Even with a slightly reduced level of residual sugar compared to previous releases, this wine continues to exude a luxurious, natural peach quality, and a gentle effervescence that beautifully offsets the sweetness.
The story of Left Foot Charley began in 2004 when Winemaker Bryan Ulbrich faced a pivotal moment. A cherished vineyard he frequented had changed hands and was on the brink of disaster due to excessive growth, neglect in canopy management, and the looming threat of powdery mildew. In a daring move, and with the unwavering support of his wife, Jennifer, he canceled their vacation to intervene and save the Riesling vines. In return, he harvested a small crop and produced a single dry Riesling.
It was during this transformative experience that the Left Foot Charley concept was born. Throughout Northern Michigan, numerous small vineyards, owned and cultivated by individuals without wineries, often saw their grapes blended into generic wines. Bryan Ulbrich recognized the incredible potential in these passionate viticulturists and their distinct terroirs. He established partnerships with 18 of the region's top growers to create wines that capture the breadth of aromas and flavors unique to the glacially tilled hills of Northern Michigan.
The collaboration between Left Foot Charley and these growers is a testament to the commitment beyond mere financial transactions. Through shared goals and dedication, these farms are shaping the terroir of the appellations in Northern Michigan. The ultimate aim is to translate their hard work and expertise into exceptional wines that reflect the essence of the region.
Left Foot Charley is a tribute to the spirit of collaboration, craftsmanship, and the boundless possibilities that lie within Northern Michigan's vineyards. We invite you to explore the flavors, aromas, and the rich terroir that define our exceptional wines.
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